Origin of WGT
"Wu Guan Tang (WGT)" was founded by accident. In 2003, after a 5-year career as a Chinese Language Teacher, Frankie LUO founded the Handu – a Chinese Cultural Study Centre in Shanghai, offering combined-theme sessions in "Chinese Linguistic and Cultural Training" to the visitors from all over the world. The post-class food supply was just a side-line at then. However, Frankie realised that students from different cultural backgrounds would have their own food preferences and dietary requirements. As the origin of WGT, she decided in 2004 to offer an inspired range of healthy vegetarian food only, which was enthusiastically accepted by all customers.
WGT Restaurants
Today, WGT has four restaurants, three in China and one in London. After gaining the popularity from many local returning customers - including Buddhists - in China, it is now introducing the WGT vegetarian fine dining to the people in UK. It works in partnership with Frankie's Chinese Cultural Study Centre to co-host many events including Frankie's famous cooking lessons.
WGT Food Innovation
WGT has developed hundreds of dishes, all created by Frankie and her team. So far only a fraction of the dishes have been introduced in London, mainly due to the lack of natural ingredients. However Frankie has already started creating new dishes, from UK available vegetables and fruits, blended with the ancient Chinese legacy of herbal medicine science.
WGT Mindfulness Centre
Frankie, together with Heather George (from Omtropy) have created The WGT Mindfulness Centre above the restaurant in Staines. The Centre occupies the first floor above the spacious restaurant and is available for spiritual study workshops, yoga and other related activities.